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Posted 3/5/2014

Sunday's Selfie:

This Sunday I took myself for a Guided Walk along the Krisjan se Nek "Circles in a Forest" Route, but backwards (starting at the end)

The weather was warm and still and late afternoon, the light was just gorgeous.

Often I just don't know where to look and find myself envying Chameleons:

Do you look up at the Forest Canopy with the light streaming through a million shades and shapes of green leaves, hoping to catch sight of a Loerie or Narina or Green Billed Wood Hoepoe ?

  Do you look ahead of you, and all around, the amazing trees of the Knysna Forest, each one a unique individual, from grand, flaking Kalander to tall, stripping Upright, looking for tell tale signs of the Forest's Wild Gardenia, a cross hatch bark - or keep an eye out for the beautifully mottled and hued, nearly naked bark of the Cape Plane or "Cold Tree" - you can press your face to its cool, cool bark and appreciate the relief from the summer heat. Been told the Forest animals do this too.

I chose to look down at the Forest Floor. And discovered a fascinating, miniscule and intricate world that I am so relieved I did not overlook.

We spent 2 hours and covered only 200m.

I was treated to some of the most amazing mushrooms I have yet seen.

It's always important to look to the Forest Floor for clues as to what may be dropping seed. In September and October the forest pathways can be found strewn with a bright confetti of yellow Cape Plane petals.  

For photos, have a look at our "Sunday Selfie" Album on our FB page

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About Forest Guided Tours

Posted 11/4/2013

The seed of Forest Guided Tours was planted about 2 years ago – I was offered a wonderful opportunity to be trained in the ways and wiles of the forest flora and fauna of the beautiful indigenous forests of Knysna .

Hynie Tredoux was about to retire from his 12 years of Outeniqua Forest Ramblers : school tours and guided trails for tourists, the resident expert on all items forest and goldmine.

I was taught tree identification by bark and leaf, blossom and sapling, forest lore and secrets – on many enjoyable walks.

This inspired a great love, appreciation and fascination with the forest world of Knynsa and so I decided – this had to be my office !

I set about ticking all the appropriate boxes : Site Guide Training and Accrediation, Registration with the Dept of Environmental Affairs , First Aid, Membership with Knysna Tourism, website, media etc.

The start up costs were mounting and were almost prohibitive but then ....

I will always owe my heartfelt thanks to Sue Swain of Biowise and Naturally Knysna !

Her principles of the Naturally Knynsa Business Model inspired me to find a creative way to bring Forest Guided Tours into being.

Her support and encouragement and amazing work that she does in her community and environment are inspirational !

Watch this space to find out about those Naturally Knysna Principles, a business model inspired by the Forest.

Only in Knynsa !

Wishing you all a beautiful week ahead 

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Posted 10/28/2013

Welcome to Forest Guided Tours brand new website !

Watch this space for upcoming information on each of the Unique Garden Route Experiences.

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